Wardrobe Care Covers

our wardrobe is an investment. Elegant suits, beautiful dresses, delicate evening gowns, and handsome tuxedos warrant special care and protection.

Storing clothing in dry cleaning bags or heavier plastic garment bags creates problems. Plastic bags trap moisture and fabric cannot breath. Bags emit gas, causing fabric to turn yellow and deteriorate.

Butlers used cotton garment covers to shield important day and evening wear, clothing stored away for the next season, and to preserve special heirlooms.

Today museum textile conservators store historic clothing in breathable cotton fabric free of dyes, bleach and chemicals. Museums with valuable costume collections use these methods to preserve their archives for future generations.

WARDROBE  CARE  COVERS provide essential protection for important items in your closet and while traveling. These breathable, cotton preservation garment bags shield clothing from clothes moths, light and dust.. They help prevent clothes from yellowing.

They offer extra protection in your suitcase and are the perfect solution when you need to carry a gown or tuxedo to a black tie event after work. Our collection includes five items. Shoulder Covers give your closet a crisp and organized look and keep dust from settling. Three additional full-length garment bags provide more complete protection: Suit or Tuxedo, Dress or Coat, and the Gown or Fur. Our custom designed Wedding Dress Preservation Cover protects a bridal gown before the wedding ceremony and can be used to preserve your wedding gown after the special occasion. These cotton garment bags also make a very special gift—unique, handsome, and practical.
  • Breathable cotton garment bags protect clothing from light, dust, insects, and damage in the closet
  • Bespoke designs—beautifully tailored
  • 100% cotton percale woven to textile conservator specifications
  • Thread count 200
  • Free of dye, bleach, sizing, and chemicals
  • Fabric has been scoured with a final "pure finish" water-only rinse
  • Buttons and overlapping placket keep dust out and insects away
  • Use at home for preservation storage and for travel
  • Generously sized and may hold more than one item
  • Helps prevent yellowing from dry cleaning bags
  • Machine washable and proudly "Made in New York"
Shoulder Cover 23 x 3 x 14 $18
Suit or Tuxedo Cover 24 x 4 x 42 $48
Dress or Coat Cover 24 x 4 x 54 $58
Gown or Fur Cover 24 x 4 x 64 $72
Wedding Dress Preservation Cover 24 x 3 1/2 to 19 1/2 x 70 $150
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