Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I store clothing or linens in plastic dry cleaning bags or plastic garment bags?

A: You should not use plastic bags for clothing storage. Plastic dry cleaning bags and plastic garment bags are petroleum-based products and produce gases that can harm your clothing or linens.

These bags trap moisture and do not allow clothes to breathe.  White clothing or linens may turn yellow if stored for a long time in plastic dry cleaning bags.  WARDROBE CARE COVERS and FINE LINEN & TABLECLOTH CARE COVERS made from 100% chemical free cotton, provide museum quality storage to protect your finest possessions.

Q: How can I protect my upholstered furniture from sun damage?

A: There are filters you can put on your windows to block the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun.  Or you can cover your furniture with dust sheets.  FURNITURE SUN & DUST COVERS protect your fine furniture and good antiques from sun, dust and pets.

Q. Are all the fabric products you make washable?  Will they shrink?

A. All fabric products made by The Butler's Closet can be washed and dried. Please do not add bleach as the covers are chemical-free.  Limited shrinkage might occur.

Q. Can you help me determine what size FURNITURE SUN & DUST COVER I need?

A. Yes––we are happy to help.  We have a free measuring service.  Please visit this page for easy measuring instructions: 

Here are easy instructions to measure your furniture to find the best size cover. Once we have the measurements, we will recommend the best size furniture cover or covers using the most economical solution.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to call 914-779-1537 or email  barbara@thebutlerscloset.com.

Q. What is the correct way to use a clothes brush?

A.  Easy instructions: HOW TO USE A CLOTHES BRUSH