Wardrobe Care Covers:
Museum Quality Storage Bags

What? You Store Your Clothes in Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags?

Your wardrobe is an important investment.

Elegant suits, beautiful dresses, delicate evening gowns, and handsome tuxedos need special care and protection.

WARDROBE CARE COVERS provide the best solution for clothing storage on a year- round basis.

Storing clothing in plastic dry cleaning bags or garment bags creates enormous problems. Dry cleaning bags trap moisture and clothes cannot breath. Plastic bags are petroleum products and emit gas, causing fabric to turn yellow and deteriorate.

Dust also presents a major problem. Invisible dust settles everywhere in your closet.

A growing layer of dust can actually create tears in fabric. Over time, as humidity and moisture levels vary, the dust hardens on your clothing. Dust particles are sharp and cut into materials increasing damage.

Butlers used cotton garment bags to protect important day and evening wear, clothing stored away for the next season, and to preserve special heirlooms. Today, museum textile conservators store historic costumes in breathable cotton fabric free of dyes, bleach and chemicals.

WARDROBE CARE COVERS and SHOULDER DUST COVERS are superior, museum quality garment covers for your wardrobe. Made from 100% undyed and unbleached breathable cotton from the same material used by The Metropolitan Museum of Art conservators.

These museum quality covers provide superior protection. The storage bags and shoulder covers protect clothing from clothes moths, dust, and light. They help prevent yellowing and fabric deterioration by providing archival storage.

The chemical free garment bags are generous in size with a 4" gusset and natural Corozo buttons—not zippers—to prevent snags. An overlapping placket helps keep out clothes moths, dust, and light in your closet that can cause fabric to age more quickly.

These breathable cotton WARDROBE CARE COVERS also offer extra protection in your suitcase and are the perfect solution when you need to carry a gown or tuxedo to a black tie event after work. Multiple sizes fit all your clothing needs:

SHOULDER DUST COVERS fit over everything in your closet.

SUIT or TUXEDO COVERS fit men's and women's suits, two piece outfits, dinner jackets, beaded tops, etc.

DRESS or COAT COVERS fit dresses and is perfect for storing winter coats

GOWN or FUR COVERS fit evening gowns, oversized garments or longer coats

  • 100% breathable cotton
  • Protect clothing from dust, light and clothes moths
  • Museum quality garment bags provide archival storage
  • Prevent damage in the closet and yellowing from dry cleaning bags
  • Cotton fabric meets textile conservation standards
  • Chemical free—no dye, bleach or sizing
  • Fabric scoured with a final "pure finish" water-only rinse
  • Natural Corozo buttons and overlapping placket keep clothes safe
  • 200 thread count
  • Bespoke design—beautifully tailored--elegant label
  • Use at home for preservation storage and for travel
  • Generously sized and may hold more than one item
  • Machine washable
  • Made in America

NEW Deluxe Cotton Storage Bags––Perfect for Organizing your Closet and Suitcase

DELUXE COTTON STORAGE BAGS protect sweaters, tops, shirts––every type of clothing. The 100% breathable cotton storage bag has a fine zipper for moth prevention and room for lots of items. The bags keep your best items dust-free. The breathable cotton has no dye, bleach or harmful chemicals.The bespoke, embroidered panel adds a special touch and provides an extra pocket for more storage.  

Use these elegant storage bags at home or as packing cubes for your suitcase when traveling.

Generous in size 12.2” x 14.4” x 3.5”

Wedding Dress Preservation is A Must!

Your precious wedding dress holds a lifetime of memories and actually continues a grand, royal tradition.

Your bridal gown should be handled with the utmost care. The archival, museum quality WEDDING DRESS PRESERVATION COVER is a breathable cotton garment bag that will preserve and protect your dress before, during and after your wedding day.