The Butler's Closet

Museum Quality Products to Protect Your Fine Possessions

If you have invested money in your wardrobe and fine furnishings––why not protect these important possessions for years to come? The Butler’s Closet is here to help. Our unique products meet the highest standards in garment protection and furniture care.

Carefully designed garment bags, shoe bags, clothes brushes and furniture covers provide museum quality care. The collection has been developed with the guidance of museum conservators. Our breathable, 100% cotton fabric is free of harmful chemicals, dyes and bleach.

You may be surprised to know your clothes can be damaged in your closet by a layer of invisible dust. Sharp edges on dust particles can tear good fabrics. Plastic dry-cleaning garment bags trap moisture and release gas––adding more problems.  Fine furniture is also at risk. Upholstery fades and frays from strong sunlight while dust, dirt and general wear and tear leave their mark.

We are introducing two new products:

Deluxe Cotton Storage Bags to protect clothing, sweaters, shirts and other items in your closets at home or on the road and Chic Italian Jewelry Pouches––luxurious jewelry organizers handcrafted in Italy.

Our goal is to help you preserve and protect your fine possessions by providing the highest quality, museum level protection. Hopefully, by caring for your most valued possessions they can last a lifetime.

Barbara Harman