Fine Linen & Laundry Care

Storing fine tablecloths in plastic? They will turn yellow!

Your best table linens are used on festive occasions—dinner parties, birthday luncheons, and holiday fêtes.

After the party is over and you take tablecloth and napkins to the dry cleaner, they are left hanging in plastic dry cleaning bags for months.

Plastic bags trap moisture and emit gases that are harmful. Fabrics can become yellow and fray as fibers weaken over time.

FINE LINEN & TABLECLOTH CARE COVERS protect table linens from dust, light and damage in the closet—ready for the next special occasion.

Your special bed linens, vintage quilts, and blankets will all benefit from proper storage.

The covers have twill ties on one side allow you to peek in easily and see the linens you want to use for the upcoming celebration.

If you are invited to a dinner party or other social event, these covers make a newsworthy gift for your host or hostess.

  • Protect tablecloths, quilts and bed linens from dust and light
  • Prevent yellowing and deterioration from dry cleaning bags
  • Museum quality bags provide archival storage
  • 100% cotton fabric meets textile conservation standards
  • Chemical free––no dye, bleach or sizing
  • Fabric scoured with a final "pure finish" water-only rinse
  • Original design––beautifully tailored––elegant label
  • Twill ties allow easy access––may hold more than one item
  • 24"  x  36"
  • 200 thread count
  • Machine washable
  • Made in America

Our HAND MADE DRYER BALLS are as beautiful as they are practical. Pure white, crafted in New Zealand, they are a natural substitute for chemical laden dryer sheets. They reduce drying time by almost 25% and help reduce wrinkles and static cling.