Closet & Travel Accessories

Essential Storage Accessories for Home and Travel

Everything you wear represents an investment in time and money. Here are numerous products to protect your wardrobe, jewelry and shoes at home in your closet––and when traveling.

NEW Deluxe Cotton Storage Bags

The perfect solution for moth prevention and dust free storage. Protect cashmere, wool or cotton sweaters, special table linens, sheets and pillowcases, baby clothes and many other items. These storage bags conveniently hold tuxedo accessories––bow tie, shirt, suspenders and cummerbund. Made from 100% un-dyed and unbleached cotton. They keep your closet neat and organized and also work as packing cubes in your suitcase.

Dust can be almost invisible––coating clothes in your closet and on your shelves.

Storing clothing in plastic bags or bags creates real problems. Plastic is a petroleum product and emits gas, causing fabrics to turn yellow and deteriorate.

A growing layer of dust can actually create tears in fabric. Over time, as humidity and moisture levels vary, dust hardens on your clothing. Dust particles are sharp and cut into materials increasing damage.

Deluxe Cotton Storage Bags keep your clothing secure. The fine zipper helps prevent moth and insect damage while protecting from dust, light, fabric deterioration and yellowing.

  • 100% breathable cotton free of dyes, bleach and harmful chemicals
  • Generous in size: 12.2” x 14.4” x 3.5”
  • Holds one to two sweaters depending on bulk
  • Perfect storage for bedding, table linens, baby clothes, laundered shirts, etc.
  • Fine zipper closure protects against dust, light and clothes moths
  • Provides protective storage at home––use for travel as a roomy packing cube
  • Special details––bespoke embroidered panel provides a pocket
  • Soak in hot water if you wish to remove residual sizing
  • Machine washable––do not use bleach and iron to maintain fine embroidery
  • Imported



NEW Bespoke Jewelry Pouches Handcrafted in Florence, Italy

Organizing and protecting jewelry is a challenge. Glass or acrylic jewelry boxes can scratch the delicate surface of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Storing jewelry in an open tray is harmful as precious gems and stones can collect dust in the settings, metals can tarnish and jewelry––like earrings and necklaces––can get tangled.

Our unique jewelry cases were designed with the help of two luxury experts.  These sumptuous pouches are made of microsuede––soft and luxurious to the feel and environmentally conscious. Each pouch is lined with a chic Italian shirting fabric that is 100% organic cotton. A gusset allows for roomy storage and each pouch has an interior panel that divides one side from the other to prevent damage. The button-snap on the outside is made from rich, lambskin leather.

There are three sizes––small, medium and large. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, sport watches, dress watches or vintage watches––every piece you own can be stored in these elegant items. And these jewelry cases can fit nicely in your jewelry box at home or in your handbag or briefcase when traveling. 

These beautiful jewelry pouches are handcrafted. Made in Florence, Italy, they are sewn in a factory that is manufacturing refined, luxury leather goods for top European and British brands. They are packaged in individual boxes with an engraved label that makes them a perfect gift for any special occasion.

  • Handcrafted in Florence, Italy
  • Environmentally conscious microsuede with the soft hand and feel of real suede
  • Lined in chic 100% organic cotton shirting fabric
  • Secure button snap––rich, lambskin leather
  • Protects jewelry––interior panel keeps jewelry pieces separated
  • Three sizes fit men’s and women’s jewelry and watches
    • Small             2.6” x 2.8”
    • Medium         3.7” x 4.0”
    • Large             5.6” x 5.8”
  • Gusset provides roomy storage––interior panel provides two compartments to protect jewelry
  • Water and stain-resistant––easy to clean
  • Deluxe gift box with beautiful, engraved label