Luxury Flannel Shoe Bags

Treat Your Shoes Well and They Could Last Forever!

Caring for your shoes is essential. They last for many years with proper cleaning and storage. Shoes are an important part of your wardrobe. They also represent an important investment.

Dust in your closet is invisible. Dust particles have sharp edges and can harden on leather. Eventually, dust on your shoes will create damage.

Storing shoes properly will help preserve and protect the leather so you can wear them for years

LUXURY FLANNEL SHOE BAGS keep shoes cozy—protected from dirt, dust, and damage in the closet.

The unique design includes a high neck and tight drawstring closure to keep dust out.

Made from 100% undyed and unbleached cotton, they provide museum quality storage protection in this chemical free material.

Designed in two sizes—for women’s and men’s shoes—these bags are very roomy. Each bag holds one pair of shoes.

Great for travel. Protect shoes in your suitcase and keep dirt on the soles from soiling other clean clothing.

LUXURY FLANNEL SHOE BAGS can be used to pack or store other items like small handbags, belts, hosiery or socks.

An imaginative and practical gift for friends.

  • Protect shoes from dust and damage in the closet
  • 100% breathable cotton flannel
  • Chemical free—no dye, bleach or sizing
  • Fabric scoured with a final "pure finish" water-only rinse
  • Meets textile conservation standards
  • Original design––well tailored––elegant label
  • Tight drawstring and high neck keeps dust away
  • Perfect for storage or travel
  • Generously sized
  • Women's 10.5"  x  14.5"
  • Men's      13.0"  x  15.0"
  • Machine washable
  • Made in America