To The Manor Born: The Butler's Closet––a Great Article by Julie Carlson for


Julie Carlson, the very talented Editor-in-Chief of wrote a wonderful article about The Butler's Closet.  

The opening quote : "If Downton Abbey's detail-oriented butler, Carson, founded a company, this would be it."  

Julie -- I can't thank you enough and am happy to share the article with friends of The Butler's Closet.

Julie writes about my work developing the products in partnership with textile conservators and notes that the Wardrobe Care Covers and Furniture Sun & Dust Covers are 100% cotton, free of all chemicals, bleaches and dyes.  She features my full line of products including the Christophe Pourny polishes for furniture and the English Horn Clothes Brushes and Shoehorns.

What a wonderful boost on a snowy day at the end of January!  Thank you Julie and Remodelista!!

Here is the article:

 To The Manor Born:The Butler's Closet by Julie Carlson