How to Protect Your Fine Furniture

Your home is your private castle and special domain—filled with your most important treasures

Antique Upholstered Italian Bench Covered With A Cotton Furniture Sun & Dust Cover

Special items—art work, antiques, and furniture—have more than monetary value. They have emotional value. Protecting them from sunlight, dust, and pets makes good sense.

The ultraviolet rays from the sun are harsh and damaging. More of those rays reach us today due to the thinning ozone layer.

Upholstered furniture and valuable antiques will last for many more years if exposure to sunlight is minimized and if the grit and grime found in normal dust and dirt is reduced.

How to take care of upholstered furniture:

  • Vacuum your upholstered pieces regularly—removing cushions to clear away dust that settles in deep crevices.
  • Use a lint roller carefully to remove pet hair from furniture. Shake cushions outside before vacuuming to remove excess dirt.
  • When a room is not in use, close the curtains or shutters to reduce sunlight and cover the furniture.
  • For pets who shed, or young visitors with sticky fingers, cover your furniture for protection.
  • If you have a second home, cover the furniture between visits.
Furniture In Sun Filled Living Room Protected By Cotton Dust Sheets From The Butler's Closet

The National Park Service in a 1993 Conserve-O-Gram––an article for museum conservators--notes "Light damage is cumulative and irreversible. Visible light and ultraviolet (UV) radiation will fade and embrittle show covers......light will also fade wood stains and the natural color of the wood as well as degrade wood finishes. Sunlight contains both the visible and UV components of the spectrum, therefore do not display upholstered furniture in direct sunlight."

The Conserve O Gram suggests covering furniture not in use with "clean cotton sheets."

The Butler's Closet FURNITURE SUN & DUST COVERS were created to solve this problem and protect your furniture from dust and harsh sunlight. 

Made from 100% cotton percale, free of chemicals and bleaches, they are loose, not fitted, covers.  These dust sheets cover sofas and chairs as well as other pieces of furniture or art work. They are generous in size and have been developed to cover a wide range of sofas, chairs and other items.