How to Care for Your Shoes

Your Shoes Take a Great Deal of Wear and Tear. Tips for Shoe Care.

Shoes will last for years if you keep them well polished or brushed and repair the soles and heels regularly. One good rainstorm can damage shoes significantly, so you should try to wear old shoes on a day when the weather will be bad.

According to Bernhard Roetzel, a fashion expert and author of GENTLEMEN, A Timeless Guide to Fashion, shoes should not be worn two days in a row:

"Everyone knows how to clean shoes. What is not generally known is that they should never be worn on two successive days. A pair of shoes needs at least a day of rest, and if your lower extremities tend to generate a lot of moisture, you should really leave your shoes to air for a couple of days. Shoes are only comfortable when they have dried out completely."

Here are suggestions for protecting your shoes:

  • Cleaning: buy a shoe shine kit and clean your shoes at home, or take them to the shoe repair shop for a tune-up.
  • Keep old “rain shoes” at home and work for bad weather days.
  • If your shoes get wet, stuff them with paper towels to keep their shape while they dry.
  • Do not put them near heat as this will cause the leather to dry and crack.
  • Find a good storage solution in your closet.
  • Use original shoeboxes, plastic shoe boxes or specially designed hanging products to organize shoes.
  • Use shoetrees or tissue stuffing to help shoes retain their shape.

Pack shoes in LUXURY FLANNEL SHOE BAGS while traveling. This will keep your shoes from depositing dirt on clothing in your suitcase.